Discernment Journal

Life is full of decisions.   Sometimes it’s just about whether to get the grande or venti latte and with or without whip cream.  There are however, many life changing decisions that we make every day.   How we make those decisions speaks volumes concerning what we believe about God.  Is God simply in the gaps when and where life doesn’t have answers?  Is God at the center of life?  Does Jesus have something decisive to say about the decisions you are making?

I did my doctorate work on discernment and I belive Jesus does have something decisive to say about the decisions we make everyday.  In the doctorate project I created a system for discernment and also a discernment journal.   The system is a five step process to making a faithful decision.  The journal is a four week experience in the discernment system.   During the four weeks the journal leads you through an intensive season of seeking God’s will and ways.  You will study the Bible, pray and fast, seek wise council, test your motivations, and search for the loving response.   The journal is not a professionally edited book, but a work in progress that I offer as a download for you to use.  Even if you are not in need of an intensive season of discernment, I believe you can gain insight into making godly and faithful decisions by looking over the Discernment Journal.

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